Devonport and Forth Valley


We have been non-stop down here!

Non stop great company, non-stop sight-seeing, non-stop eating great food, non-stop sampling local beers/ciders and non-stop exhausted! 🤣


We chose to spend our first few nights at an awesome camp about 10min from Devonport. Forth Valley Recreation Ground is a beautiful green oval that the locals are happy to have you stay at for a small donation.


From there each day we went out and explored the impressive country side. We honestly have done so much I can’t even remember where we have been!

Highlights (in no particular order) have been:

  • A drive out towards Sheffield
  • A tasting paddle of local cider
  • Famous Tasmainian scallop pie
  • Beaconsfield Mining Centre
  • Various chocolate and cheese factories
  • Launceston
  • Boags beer experience
  • A dodgey “haunted” boat ride on a fake lake.

There was certainly plently happening with tired eyes limping back into camp each afternoon. We have hardly found time to stop and blog. What a great part of the world!


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