Melbourne and the Spirit Of Tasmania

20190929_170024.jpgIt was a nice easy drive down from Beechworth to the Spirit of Tasmania dock near St Kilda. We were thankful it was a Sunday afternoon as the traffic was not too bad. I think Richmonds win in the GF may have contributed to the lazy Sunday feel.

We met up with Matt, Lauren, Lilly and Hamish on Fitzroy St down by the bay. While we were there we figured a quick look at The Block was in order. Noah was keen to place an order on house No. 1 but we reminded him the price tag was around the 3 million mark!

We also started what seems to be the gastronomic theme of this trip… beer, wine & cheese!

The load onto the boat was pretty seemless. They certainly have got it down to a fine art as we were quarantine checked, firearm checked and background checked in no time. Deemed worthy to grace the pristene shores of Van Diemans Land we were loaded into the belly of the big ferry.


More beer awaited us inside…

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