Big Red Bash – the wrap up.


We have been back for three days now and I just realised that we didn’t finish the blog on the trip.

We had an uneventful run home. We shot out of Birdsville slowly along with plenty of other traffic. The drive to Windorah was interesting with the dust and amount of other people trying to get out. Most drivers were sensible and considerate but as expected some didn’t seem to want to make it home.

We came across a beautiful campsite at place called Cooper Creek. We were thankful that we could finally put up the shower tent and with full tanks could each have some long, hot showers!

We enjoyed a fire in Weirdo and took in beautiful night sky.

We had a long way to travel home so the days were spent in the car with over night stays in Cunnumulla and back over the border in Bourke.


So we are now home, unpacking, de-dusting, repairing and preparing. It was so much family fun!

Stay tuned for our upcoming “Smiths Go South” 2 week Tassie jaunt!


3 thoughts on “Big Red Bash – the wrap up.

  1. What a wonderful trip into some really unique and wonderful country. Sounds altogether as enjoyable as you expected it to be. A long trip home though with ever changing vistas. Thanks for the photos. What fun and great adventures the children are having, providing great experiences and memories for them.


  2. I enjoyed reading about your trip. It brought back memories of some of the places we have been. Thanks to you all for your generous sharing.


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