Long Time since I’ve been to Longreach

When I was 18 I did a bus trip with friends to Darwin and we spent some time in Longreach. I really can’t remember what we did (it was over 25 years ago, and, you know, beer was involved…) but I know we went to the Stockmans Hall of Fame. Round two visit, in 2019, the Smiths spent a long time in there, recognising a whole lot of places we have already been to, such as Kununurra, Katherine and Mataranka.The Stockmans Show was also great. Lachie demonstrated (with hilarious ‘Dad humour’ jokes) some skills involving horses, sheep, clever dogs and not-so-clever dogs. Apparently his guitar was also a Maton 808, therefore have equal value as the best kelpie there.Noah discovered that the streets running north/south were named after land birds such as Emu and Hawke whereas the east/west streets were named after water birds – Swan and Duck. So much history around here for our younger history nerd. Much excitement as the the old Cobb & Co wagon clip clipped down the street.More tours – now the Qantas Museum. In 2002 a 1979 Boeing 747 (City of Bunbury) landed at Longreach, never to leave again – it was destined for the museum and the runway was too short for it to take off again. Chloe is now going to be a pilot and fly her family all over the world. She even made us some tickets for first class! The is also an old 707 (City of Canberra) in the lot, previously owned by Michael Jackson and quite lavishly decorated in late 1970s style.Next stop is Winton where I’m sure we will meet more Big Bash peeps.

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