Eyre (Oyster) Peninsula



Only one week til home, one more week…… We’ve planned and booked the home stretch, thanks to Darren who won is a few nights stay at Barossa Valley. Although the luxury tent was tempting, it only sleeps 2, so we swapped the tent for a luxury cabin that sleeps 4.

But before the cabin luxury we indulged in the seafood luxury! We had oysters for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Oh. Yeah. They was also the fish, the prawns and the calamari.

Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay and Boston Bay all had the goods. We sure do love exploring a good peninsula! The scenery along here is stunning, we found this little spot for lunch, would have been another great free camp, but we are starting to feel the pressure of time. That real world is fast approaching us.


Thanks to Chris at PURE Coffin Bay Oysters, we learnt exactly why oysters are an expensive treat. Talk about labour intensive. My memory of oysters growing is they just stayed on a rock and waited for tides to come and go. We were the only ones on the tour (more oysters for us!) So we asked ask the questions. Noah also finished a last video for his homework.


Port Lincoln was our base for us to explore the lower Eyre Peninsula. We got another waterfront spot, we have been so lucky on this trip. According to the holy grail of all truths, Wikipedia, Port Lincoln may have the most millionaires per capita in Australia as its the premier seafood Aquaculture region. Interesting. We made sure to sample as much seafood as we could, you know, just to be sure*.

On our way to Whyalla, we had a scheduled stop at Glen Forest Park and Lincoln Estate winery. It’s a family business with crops, animals and vines! It was a little tip-off from a lady in Coffin Bay.

See you soon NSW.

I am fairly certain the people SELLING the seafood are the millionares! BUYING and EATING it has not in any way resulted in any financial gain 🤣 – Ed (Daz)

3 thoughts on “Eyre (Oyster) Peninsula

  1. Glad you enjoyed the seafood. We are looking forward to catching up with you in the Barossa, for some more of the best of S A fresh.


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