The ‘Other’ South Coast – Walpole, Albany & Esperance

20180828_1338101839427201.jpgWe’ve just had a week on the WA south coast and wish we had more time to explore. Do you think our health employers will extend our leave? Probably not, so it will have to go on the list for our next adventure. We certainly have been pining for the warmer weather again, especially watching our new friends Olivia and Matt who are still working in Kununurra, the Perry’s and Dust Off The Grind – they are still frolicking in the north west of the state. Buggers. Darren and I have surprised ourselves with the warm weather craving, we never wished for summer before, but now…..

After leaving Margaret River, we went to Walpole, or ‘Valley of the Giants’. First stop was the Gloucester Tree at Pemberton. A 53m tall tree that was used in 1947 to climb and look for bushfires. So the steel rungs sticking out had been there a while. Noah was super keen, but our health knowledge kicked in – no nets, no safety and the whole tree swayed. No way.

However the Treetops walk through the red and yellow tingle trees was – not as scary and far safer. The walking platform was elevated 40m in the air. Yes, the walkway did sway, especially when Noah jumped up and down on it.

Albany. Home of the National Anzac Memorial. As with most of the war history we have learnt along this trip, there are so many facts we never knew. Albany was the last piece of Australia that over 40,000 ANZACs saw as this was the harbour they departed from.

The memorial was beautiful and personalised as you were given a card with some details, and you learnt more about them as you went around the displays. We also visited the church where Padre White did the first dawn service, St Johns.


Our last night in Albany was wet and windy thanks to the Great Australian Bight This convinced us to splash out on a cabin in Esperance. The weather continued to be questionable, but there were a few patches of sun so we could see this spectacular coastline.


Next is the Nullarbor. Having never done this stretch of road I’m looking forward to it. Darren keeps laughing at me…..

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