Long Days… Big K’s


The Nullabor Plains. I have been talking up how much fun driving the “Nulla-boring” Plains is. The rest of the family are “Nulla-virgins”. What a treat they have coming!

Many childhood memories of multiple crossings have made me wish I could maybe tele-port across. Lets face it… 146.6kms of “the straightest road in Australia” is going to be hard to blog!

Well, how wrong was I. We have had a great time! After our luxury stay at Esperence it was so nice to get away from civilisation again. The change in terrain as we headed north-east from the coast reminded us of our adventures in the NT.


Our first stop was a “free-camp” about half way along the straight. It turned out to be a little gem. Lots of space, lots of good wood and not lots of wind. This made for a nice nights sleep.

WikiCamps had a sinkhole marked in the area so out came the GPS and off Chloe and I wandered for a look. It was quite deep, we enjoyed dropping a rock or two down.

I offered to “throw her down” but she said I needed a rope 🤔

The next day was Fathers Day and the next spot was a mere 530-odd kms away. Bunda Cliffs, right on the edge of the Great Australian Bight. We had read this spot was nice but can be windy so we were praying the weather might cut us a break.

We rolled in quite late and to our surprise found no-one else there. The wind was tame and we were hungry so we deployed Myrtle, set the fire, and settled in. Noah built a corker with wood he collected from the previous camp. It was very welcome in the cool breeze.

Kaz got some great photos of the sunset over the sheer cliffs. Chloe got too close to the cliffs and freaked us out a bit. The next day was a run back over the border for stobie poles and Golden North again!



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