Magnificent Camping @ Margaret River

Myrtle had a little slice of heaven this week in MR, at Glenbrook. Thanks again to Wikicamps, we had 20 acres to ourselves 5 min from town.

But before MR, we made a stop at Busselton Jetty. The longest jetty in the world as its a 3.6km return journey. Even though it looked a bit stormy, we risked it. There was an option to catch a tram out, but the walk with our rain jackets was easy. We were a walking ad for Kathmandu.


Glenbrook was also a magical spot for a birthday! This was our fourth birthday cake on the trip, having celebrated Jacks in Perth. Darren chose all the adventures for the day……


Great base to explore the capes. Who knew that there was more than grapes here? Darren and I were here many years ago, for the food and wine. OK, it was mostly wine (no judging here, it was 15 years ago).

First off, a little drive down to Cape Leeuwin to climb and cave. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse only became fully automated in 1992, the last keeper leaving in 1996.

Its the tallest one in WA, so if course we had to climb it. Amazing views of treacherous coast. Its also where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.

There is a 100km stretch of limestone from cape to cape in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste national park so after going up, we went down.

Jewel Cave was huge. 500 steps (on top of the lighthouse steps!) But worth it. Richard, our tour guide had a great take home message:

1 – this cave took a million years to decorate,  let’s keep it that way for future generations and

2 – MR is special,  no planes or trains.  Take the time to listen to all the other sounds around you.

As well as tasting a little bit of wine, we also tasted chocolate and chorizo. Daz tasted some beer! Onto the Valley of the Giants……

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