Dazza’s Perth Ponderings


We have just packed up and headed out of Perth after 9 days of big-city mayhem. As Chloe shed a quiet tear on the freeway she whimpered, “I love Perth, there is so much to do!”. We all felt the same. Such a great city!

While I was viewing the bottom of a Little Creatures pint… Kaz was viewing this!

We have managed no blog posts as we have just not stopped. Here is a run down of what I can remember…

  • Freemantle
  • The “cappuccino strip”
  • Ginos coffee shop
  • Fremantle Prison Tour
  • Little Creatures Brewery
  • Ginos coffee shop
  • The Nostalga Box
  • Kings Park
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Ginos Coffee Shop
  • The arrival of Jack
  • Maritime Museum
  • “Ovens” Submarine tour
  • Ginos Coffee Shop
  • Shipwrecks Museum
  • Monk Bar birthday dinner
  • Aquarium WA
  • WA Art Gallery
  • Ginos Coffee Shop
  • Fremantle Markets
  • SciTech
  • Swan Valley
  • Ginos Coffee
  • Ginos Coffee
  • Ginos Coffee

So you can see we were pretty busy! There were two things that were a standout for me… Ginos Coffee and Jack coming to stay for a long weekend.

We have managed to continue our coffee habit all over the country with the judicious use of our Areopress syringe but, that first hit of quality espresso sent us into a caffiene induced psychosis! We even had the lovely bus driver dropping us off outside the shop (not a designated set-down!) by the end of the week.

Jack taking in the 400 year old Batavia hull in the Shipwrecks Museum

And then there was Jack. We didn’t honestly think we would be able to get him anywhere to join us on the trip. We were blessed with his presence for a few days in between uni assignments.

With a couple of birthdays going on, we celebrated at a brewery not far from Ginos. So much good beer going on in Freo!

We did a few museum’s as well. These were right up Jacks alley as he is studying arts/history. He ended up going back to the Shipwreck Gallery for some more fact finding research on his own while we of course… got a coffee!

Perth was fantastic. Easy to get around, friendly and a very homely feel. The weather was reasonably kind to us and the coffee was ok πŸ˜† We could have easily stayed longer but have one eye on the calender thinking we need to head east soon.

Down to Margaret River for us now… we will find nothing we like down there I am sure! πŸ·πŸΎπŸΉβ˜•

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