Lobsters & Limestone…


We have been edging closer and closer to Perth. It is like a magnet to us. It is a mixed bag of feelings I think. On the one hand we know there is so much to see and do there but on the other it will mean we will be turning “east ” and heading home.

We decided to spend a night in Cervantes to break up the last 400km into the big smoke. Well, arent we glad we did!


Cervantes = lobsters! Home to the famous WA crayfish. We managed to do a tour of the processing plant run by the now 3rd generation Thompson family.

We know how much a lobster costs over on the east coast. We now also know just how much of a money spinner this ugly but tasty crustacean is!

Japan, China and Dubai are buying up 90% of the businesses product. They love ’em! This was also evidenced by the mutiple tourist buses out the front full of our overseas guests.

We really enjoyed the factory tour. We got to meet one of the dead-crays-walking before he was put on ice for the long flight O/S.


That afternoon we took the drive out to the famous Pinnacles to catch the setting sun. All the people from the Lobster Shack seemed to be there as well with the same busess parked out the front and a few people still wearing their lobster-bib from lunch.

We managed to find a little space to ourselves as we did the drive around the park. Amazing limestone fingers poking out from the sand.

The visitors centre had a great display describing the various features as well as theories on how the unusual formations were formed. Noah discusses these in his latest video (which I will upload shortly)

So, Cervantes turned out to be one of the finds of the trip. We weren’t expecting to even be there, let alone stay the night. We were very glad we did.

Onwards down Indian Ocean Drive to Perth.


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