Whale sharks Exmouth 


Hello we have just left Exmouth and yesterday we did a whale shark cruise were we got to swim at a reef, watch humpback whales and swim with whale sharks. I could not wait to get on the boat.

So at 8:30 we got on the boat started heading to the reef. once we were at the reef we stoped to have breakfast. after we had finished breakfast we got all our snorkelling gear on and jumped into the reef and started testing the gear and swimming over the reef.
there was a pretty big current going west out to sea and a swell that came through the previous day kicked up the sand on the bottom so it was very murky. After everyone had tested all their gear we hoped back onto the boat and started heading out of the reef.

For about half an hour we cruised around the sea waiting for the microlight to spot a whale shark. Once the microlight spot a whale shark we jumped into the water and started swimming with out flippers and snorkel. We all lined up in a line and we looked down – the whale shark was 8 meters long and it was right there. It was amazing.

We started swimming, we got about a minute of swimming until the whale shark started diving and then we stopped swimming. All together we did 5 dives and at the last dive we saw a huge turtle swim about 10 metres under us. Once we finished with the dives we got back out and had lunch.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching humpback whales. Most of them had just had birth to a baby calves with them.

All together we saw 4 different whale sharks male, male, unkown, female. The average whale shark sightings per day are 1.8 but we found 4. The whale shark population is 20% female and 80% male.

And that was our amazing day with the whale sharks.

Here is our video…

2 thoughts on “Whale sharks Exmouth 

  1. What a great report on your Whale Shark adventure, Noah, your descriptions, photos and video’s were made me feel that I was there with you. Well done.


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