The last Bills Beans 

At 7:40Pm on the 30/7/18 at coral bay, WA our last bills beans packet was consumed by my parents. Who knows what tomorrow will bring with no coffee in the morning.

That bills beans was loved by 2 parents.

It travelled with us for 13,881.5 kilometres.

May the last bills beans rest in peace. ⚰

6 thoughts on “The last Bills Beans 

  1. Noah, thoughts and prayers over the next 24 to 48 hours I hope you and Chloe survive!

    If we don’t see an update from you in 72 hours I will call the authorities.

    Ps: whatever happens please keep my Drifta stubby cooler safe that your Dad stole from me!

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  2. Noah, it’s devastating that the coffee has run out, my thoughts are with you and Chloe. What are your mum and Dad going to do? Perhaps you might be able to find a coffee supplier over there, if the budget allows it. Good luck buddy!

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