Ningaloo Station – Barefoot Escape

We’ve camped at a few station stays along the way, but this was by far the best. I’d bookmarked this station way before we left, a post on FB Families Traveling Australia claimed this was the best beach camping in WA. We were not disappointed.

45 min down a sandy, corrugated road led us to the homestead. Ningaloo Station is a 50,000 hectare pastoral lease managed by the Leroy family since 1934. It is also situated along the Ningaloo reef!

We had to bring our own everything and all waste needed to be taken out too. But oh it was so worth it. After stopping at the homestead, we made our way up the coast to South Lefroy Bay and set up 50m from the edge of the warm water of Ningaloo reef. Tyres down to 18 psi for the next 3 days of beach living.

Leaving our shoes in the car, we settled in. No devices required, kids played in the sand all day, building shelters (thanks to Bolo’s influence) and swimming in the reef. Daz spent hours dot sitting with his rod, the fish nibbled all the squid bait but no luck catching any.

The station is so big we also spent some time exploring the dunes, there is an abandoned whaling station here, we didn’t have any luck finding it. Daz had fun trying all the dunes though.

Trev and Julie, our closest neighbours, gave us the invaluable tip of walking as far as we could South along the beach, then let the current float us back to camp. Snorkels in hand, we jumped into the warm, clear water. Coral, little blue fish, clam shells, some sort of sting ray (scared away by Noah) and fish a plenty. Reassured there were big fish in the reef, we tried some more fishing. Hard life eh?


very night we also had a fire on the beach. I remember as a kid we had numerous fires on the beach down the south coast of NSW, so I was so happy our kids could also have a memory like this. Noah, set up and maintained our fire each night as we watched the sunset.

It was also special to share this with our lovely neighbours on the last night. I just don’t want these sunsets sharing moments to end.

2 thoughts on “Ningaloo Station – Barefoot Escape

  1. Looks absolutely amazing guys. What an incredible experience for you all. Both Chloe and Noah look as though they are growing up every day. Continue to enjoy and stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

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