Pilbara Coast – 80 Mile Beach


We have spent the last week travelling down the Pilbra Coast. We have realised that 80 Mile Beach is really long!

We didn’t really have a plan as we headed south and found ourselves pulling into the “80 Mile Beach Caravan Park” for a night or two. What a little oasis!

After 10kms down an average dirt driveway we rolled over the last crest to be presented with a green grassed, palm tree lined, caravan filled, grey-nomad fisherman paradise!

We felt instantly relaxed as we pulled into a lovely spacious site, we could hear the pounding waves just over the last dune. We couldn’t resist a look at the beach and did manage to catch the sunset even though Myrtle was abandoned only half set up.

The next two days were spent relaxing like we had never seen a beach in our lives! We drove the car over and lazed under the Foxwing. We fished, swam and built sand castle empires.

After extending our stay an extra night we reluctantly packed up and moved a lazy 120kms down the beach to Pardoo Station.

We had heard a lot about this place and again, we were surprised as we drove into a lovely green grassed park. It came complete with a bowling green, pool and a restaurant.

We spent the afternoon exploring the station tracks and beaches.

This station has beef… and so does the restaurant! I managed to squeeze in both a nice piece of rump with garlic butter as well as sample the sizeable t-bone too!

Chole took some convincing that a “buffet” meant “go back as many times a you want”. She did however figure it out by the time she found the Butterscotch Pudding and ice cream.


We are making our way to Karijini NP. This is sure to be a highlight for us as we now become “Smiths-go-South-2018″.

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