Cape Leveque- Gumbanan

Hello we are in Cape Leveque staying in Gumbanan with this view we see all the time. We are camping here for a week.

Today we went to the Cygnet Bay pearl farm and went to the restaurant for lunch and swam in the infinity pool there. We also looked at the pearl shop where there was a $10,000 necklace. We bought a mother of pearl shell there. This shell is were the pearl is made.

We also went to One Arm Point Community, where there is a hatchery where we got to feed lots of fish, we all got a go at feeding the barramundi and dad caught a fish – literally caught one here’s a video.

We also saw there big turtles, clown fish and lots of cockatoos.

Some of the fish tanks some of the coral is bleached because when there is a cyclone the roof gets ripped of and the sun kills the coral. There was this massive barramundi about 50cm long and to feed it you had to dangle bait over the water and they wait about 10 seconds and then they pounce.

On Wednesday we are going to Kooljaman to spend half a day with the indigenous Bardi Jawi people to learn how to make spears and find water.

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