Broome Swept Us

We just spent a week in Broome to stocktake after 10 days on the Gibb River Rd. We knew we were going into a very popular place during the first week of school holidays. So, after our leisurely camps where we had oodles of room – you could say, we braced ourselves for the crowds. Broome was packed!

It was the perfect spot to celebrate my birthday! Birthday cake, the night markets, staircase to the moon and a seafood dinner was the best non winter birthday ever!

We spent every day at Cable Beach, the kids played and swam, it was the least crowded part of Broome, so we made the most of it. The water was perfect, daily swims in the salt water helped all of the midges bites!

Highlight? Driving onto the north end of Cable Beach for sunset (with beer, wine and food). We had to time it to go at low tide. It was if the moon knew we were coming to Broome and along with the staircase to the moon, everything was timed perfectly.


Of course, we debated the camels. Do we? Don’t we? Will we stink? We opted for a pre-sunset ride followed by a swim, in case we were a bit smelly….. They weren’t as smelly as we thought.

We treatedd ourselves to the Sunset Bar and Grill for dinner on the last night. So, despite the crowds and sardine-like camping, we sure enjoyed ourselves. We are off for 10 days to the Dampier Peninsula, bush camping at Gnylmarung and Cape Leveque.

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