Gibb River Rd – Pentecost River to Ellenbrae


So we left El Questro in a cloud of dust and headed west. First point of interest was the mighty Pentecost River. The image of this crossing with the famous Cockburn Ranges behind is synonymous with the Gibb River Rd trek.

It did not disappoint. We enjoyed watching a few cars go across with no problem. We then made the run ourselves without issue or embarrassment.


We decided to high-tail it out of there when the german backpackers decided to travel across on the roof-racks of their beat up Pajero. It would have been an uncomfortable ride, especially for the bra-less young helga in the tanktop… maybe we should have stayed 🤣

We then shaked, rattled and rolled on to a beautiful little station by the name of Ellenbrae. This stopover is famous for its scones and jam. The advantage of an overnighter here is you can have a serve for afternoon tea and then a serve for breakfast the next day. Genius!

The campgrounds are great. Nice and shady. Because we were eating scones we didn’t get to swim in the waterhole but I was assured there is one nearby which is croc free.

The open-top showers under the big boab were one of the best we have ever been nude in! The hot water is fed by a wood-fire donkey. It made beautiful hot water. We couldn’t get a good photo of the amenities because well, that would be a bit creepy taking photos around the shower block!

The homestead here is beautiful and green. There is lots of history and information on the walls to read while you are waiting for your second helpings.

Chloe and Noah had an absolute ball playing with Evie the dog. The little “bitzer” had a real cheeky personality and had them chasing her everywhere to get the ball for a throw, for hours. It was great to watch but Chloe shed a tear or two when we had to leave. I guess that is the next christmas present sorted!

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