Week 9, we are fine… (in Kununurra)

Sunset over Lake Argyle

We have spent a few days now in Kununurra. We have been enjoying our riverside camp, catching up on some maintenance and thinking about where we would like to go next.

We have had a chance to throw in a few lines with a little bit of luck. Noah was pretty pleased with this catch off some squid.

We have also thrown down a few beverages with our neighbour’s in the park. Matt and Olivia are English and travelling Oz in the coolest little panel van. We have had great fun talking about their trip up the west coast as well as reminiscing about our time in the UK.


Today we went down to the local markets for a look. They had an area set up for some music which always catches my attention. The singer Dave, played a few songs and mentioned that the mic is open for anyone to come and have a go. So I signed up for a set! Great fun!

A few coins were thrown my way as well as an invite back next week! It was an unexpected opportunity but also a great initiative by the market organisers. I will get some video up on dazmusic in the next few days.

Impromptu gig at Kununurra Community Markets

We then headed out to Lake Argyle for a sunset cruise. We were a little early (Noah and I have missed a boat already this trip) so we had a look at the famous Infinity Pool at the resort.

We also drove down to the dam wall which my dad tells me has a Seismograph installed in it by him in 1971. Is it still there and running? Possibly!


Our captain Matt, got us very close to lots of wildlife and taught us all about the history of the dam and lake. The highlight had to be the swim off the back of the boat!

Dispite the presence of some 24 999 (estimated) friends of this guy, we all got in.

We watched the glow of the sinking sun with a pool-noodle between our legs. We ate cheese and crackers, sipped beers and bubbles in a body of water 19 times bigger than Sydney harbour. It was amazing! Even the fresh water crocs couldn’t stop us all jumping in (they are harmless).

We had a passing thought of our Orange friends and their -3°c night coming up. That really didn’t last too long as we were capitvated by the stunning scenery as we lazed in the lake (sorry guys).

We are going to be here a few more days I think. There is so much to do and see.

Lake Argyle riverbank

2 thoughts on “Week 9, we are fine… (in Kununurra)

  1. Braver than me mate!! No way id jump in with any sort of croc…. especially with my tackle 👍👍👍


  2. Wonderful place, we really enjoyed our boat ride on Lake Argyle, particularly the magnificent sunset. It was nearly as good as the dawn flight over the Lake and the Bungle Bungle’s.

    Liked by 1 person

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