Litchfield National Park 


We spent the last 2 days in Litchfield. We went to Florence Falls, Buley rock hole, Wangi falls, Tolmer Falls and the magnetic termite mounds. At Florence falls it was a big water fall and the water is crystal clear and there is lots of schools of fish.

At Wangi falls there was a 800m walk though a monsoon forest to a view of the water fall. With a 100m plunge pool and there is a sandbar going though the middle of the pool and the deepest part of it is 16m deep.

At the magnetic termite mounds there was two 5m termite mounds called cathedrals. Its lucky we went on Sunday – does it count? So the magnetic termites make their mounds facing north.

At Buley rock hole there was lots of rock holes where some are deep and some are shallow. At the end of each on the is a small water fall normally about 1m high.

At Tolmer falls you couldn’t swim at and the water fall was about 25m high and next to it was a big cave were bats live. the water looked petty clear. If you looked in the other direction you could see a huge monsoon forest.

The mornings at Litchfield were very misty!

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