Last Day in Darwin

After a fun packed week, we were all becoming a bit sad – it was nearly time to say goodbye to Káren, our awesome neighbors The Perry family and Darwin City. So our last day consisted of a slow start, prepping for departure the next day and a last drive into town. First stop was Cullen Bay.

Fish feeding of the marina was a hit. The fish were huge (with a no fishing sign nearby) – it was the amount of bread being fed to them that probably made them that big.

Next was a seafood feast, because you know, when in Rome…..

We parked in town ready to do our ‘Walk Darwin’ tour right next to Fishing & Outdoor World. Since we now have world class fishermen in the family, we had to pop in. Three girls moved them on pretty quickly.

Jon our tour guide was waiting in Raintree Park for us. Our 2km walk in the city centre was a great school day experience for the kids (and the adults) covering history from Charles Darwin, early settlement, world war II to cyclone Tracey.

Bells with different birds on them as a tribute to Charles Darwin.

Cathedral with original facade, new church built behind after cyclone Tracey. This design won an award.

Back off the supreme court of NT and a cyclone shelter.

The second most expensive Parliament House in Australia. Built in the early 90’s. The top of the pylons are shaped like the tail of a bomb to acknowledge those who died in the WWII bombings.

This is Char, a hatted restaurant, but was originally Admiralty House that survived all the Darwin disasters. A design for the tropics with walls made up of louvers.

Tomorrow we are off the Litchfield national park before heading into the Kimberlies.

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