Territory Wildlife Park Darwin 

Today in Darwin we went to the territory wildlife park Darwin. First we went to pelican breakfast were we saw some baby fresh water crocodiles. We also spotted some turtles in there as well.

After that we went to a bird show and saw a brown kite break a emu egg with a rock and a funny emu who tryed to sit on the egg but kept sitting next to it. We also saw a jabiru which is a type of stork.

Then we went to the nocturnal house to see all types of nocturnal animals from snakes to geckos. We also saw a little fella who we have met before at Uluru the spinifex hopping mouse. Even though they are mice they are pretty cute and they hop like a kangaroo.

Thankfully we didn’t see a possum otherwise mum and dad would have gone mad – see the night time terrorism blog and you will know why.

Once we were done in there we went to the monsoon forest which had a huge walk through aviary with lots of birds and turtles.

When we were done in the aviary we took a 600m walk through a monsoon forest with creeks birds and palm trees. There was also a simulation of a monsoon at the beginning.

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