Darwin… oh yes!

20180607_2129551409932229.pngDarwin has certainly turned it on for us. We have had so much fun here that we are all exhausted!

The list of “things to do” here was long even before we arrived. We have been super busy but have enjoyed every minute.

We started off the week settling into the place and really loved the feel. Big wide streets with no traffic, easy to get around and all the familar shops we know well.

We have run into Millie and Andrew and their 3 kids from Newcastle. They are here for a bit working. It has been great picking their brains about what to do around town. Chloe has had a great time playing with Ruby, Rosie and Zac.

2018-06-07 21-26132337..jpg

First priority though, was to find more coffee beans for our Aeropress. We left with 4 bags of our favorite Bills Beans from Orange and freaked out when we were down to our last bag!


So we sourced some from Raw Bean Espresso… and have been back twice since! I had forgotten how good a really well crafted espresso is, pure heaven.

Once life was re-balanced we proceeded to check out all that the town has to offer… (yes we really did look for coffee beans first thing!)

We spent considerable hours in the Military Museum learning about the bombing of Darwin in 1942. It is obvious this has really shaped Darwin and still deeply effects the residents here. The displays here were very educational.

We have been out to the airport to pick up our friend Káren. She says she needed no better excuse to visit “the last capital city I haven’t been too”. We have loved having her play “The Intruder” on our travels.

We have been down to The Waterfront a few times. Noah could not wait to hit the waves in the man-made pool.

Ten minutes of calm blue water to paddle in and then 10 min of mayhem with sets rolling in constantly. This place has to be the best value in town at only $18 for the family.

We also had a very flash dinner at Wharf One restaurant. This meal saw the ultimate demise of a mud crab basted in a chilli sauce that blew the lips off the girls. The poor crab didn’t stand a chance!


This evening we made our way over to The Mundil Markets. We had heard so much about them and couldn’t wait to see what they were all about.

We grazed on way too much fried food and sat on the beach for dinner. We watched the sunset over the bay… along with a thousand or so others!

Over-all we have loved everything about this place. We are not sure how we would go through the wet season but we have found ourselves looking at Domain and Seek! 🤗

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