Kakadu – Part 2

We’ve had a great 7 nights here in Kakadu with some exploring, learning and of course, resting by the pool. We have covered most of the park and walked a lot of tracks. The hardest by far was going up the escarpment to Gunlom Falls. I thought we’d fall! The infinity pool at the top was worth all the fear.

Ubirr in northern Kakadu (near Cahills Crossing) has the oldest Aboriginal art in Australia. New art (2000 years old) layered upon old art – approx 5000 years old.

The view from the top of Ubirr was one of those breath taking moments. Looking over the wetlands of Kakadu to Arnhem Land, these photos just don’t do it justice.

The Warradjan Cultural Centre had us appreciating the six seasons the traditional owners recognise here in Kakadu. We noticed a lot of fires burning in patches as we drove around the park (we seriously discussed reporting them to National Parks). We soon learned that it is the Yegge season, straight after the wet, and low level burning that just burns the bottom of trees and the undergrowth a) promotes regrowth/more food and b) kills cane toads! All other Australian animals can climb trees, not the pesky cane toad though.

Chloe also got to sit with some local women at the cultural centre and learn how to do weaving using the pandanas palm. Lots of concentration to finish her bracelet.

A highlight for me was a sunset cruise along Yellow Water. We saw crocodiles, a variety of birds including a huge jabiru, water buffalo and tree snakes.

This is the best classroom for kids. Noah had so many questions for the guide and you could see the cogs turning in Chloe’s head.

Today, the boys have headed out to do some charter fishing before we head to Darwin for a week. The girls are quietly hoping for a barramumdi dinner! We can’t wait to meet up with our beautiful Karen Wilson in a few days!!! Can Darwin handle all of us?

2 thoughts on “Kakadu – Part 2

  1. beautiful atmospheric scenes. Well done,Chloe on the weaving. It is a bit fiddly isn’t it. Did you get your barramundi dinner? I think Darwin can handle anything!


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