20180602_2057321973220420.jpgHello we are in Darwin we got here today from Kakadu. We are staying here for a week. In 3 days mum’s friend Káren is flying to Darwin.

Today in Kakadu, Dad and I went on a fishing trip on the South Alligator river. We learnt how to cast the line and tips and tricks here’s some:

  • when a fish bites your bait hold on to your rod hard because they are strong!
  • when you reel the bait in flick it toward you it looks more like a real fish.

We caught a couple fish but they were all to small to keep. So we are not having fish and chips tonight but we are happy that we actually caught some fish.

In the next couple days were going to explore Darwin and we can’t wait. Some of the things I am looking forward to are, seeing the ocean and beach, visiting the RFDS base and checking out the old military oil tunnels.

5 thoughts on “Darwin!

    1. Dan, please please don’t encourage him! He thinks he is Roothy at the moment with his massive beard. Google roothys rigs.

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  1. Hi Noah, I look forward to seeing your comments, always interesting. There is so much to see in Darwin. I hope you tell us what you liked best. Love to all the Family from Auntie Helen xxxx


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