Kakadu (part 1)

We arrived in the ‘Kak to find a lot of the National Parks staff still getting the area ready for the season. A late end to the wet has made a lot of the southern zone still too wet or not assessed yet.

This has ment a few changes to our plans and we have had to be a bit flexible. Really it has been no problem because we are on holidays! We decided to make Cooinda our base for the week and work out what to do from there.


Today we found ourselves heading to the famous Cahills Crossing for a look. We are considering if it is worth the risk to cross into Arnhem Land or not. The crossing has claimed many cars and a few lives over the last few years so we are a little apprehensive about attempting it.

The sight of a least two submerged cars as well as two big crocs has not helped! Although the crossing is ok either side of high tide we are still undecided…

This one was lurking by the crossing

After spending quite some time watching the crocs float and the bait fish jump, we headed back towards home.

On the way we did stop into Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) for a look at the rock art. The walk up was not difficult for Chloe’s seasoned legs. She proudly stated that “Mondays are good for her energy as it is the start of the week”. Kaz took some great pics of the art.

What an experience. These dreamtime depictions are thought to be fairly recent, around the 2000 year old mark! We had a great afternoon on the short walk through the rock galleries and up to the lookout. The escarpment and rock formations reminded us of the Blue Mountains in a lot of ways.

It was a welcome return home to Cooinda for a plunge in the (croc free) pool for us. We are thinking a trek to Gunlom Falls tomorrow might be the go.



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