Edith Falls

On the recommedation of of our good friends Hammo & Di we scheduled in a few nights at Edith Falls. This spot is a little gem!

Absolute paradise and a real sense of tranquilty from the moment you book in at the kiosk. Complete with incense burning and wind chimes I felt like a hippie without the dreds!

We were soon settled in and straight down to the falls for a swim. Well… that was a wake-up after the thermal pools of Mataranka!

Chloe just couldn’t understand how it could be so cold in there. She did whimper a bit saying “why can’t this be warm like Mataranka”. Noah and I also had un-naturally high voices for some reason.

The next day we set out for a walk to the Upper Pool. It was a 2.6km walk up a very steep and rocky climb. The reward was another freezing pool and waterfall to sit under.

We enjoyed the walk and swim. Lazing on the warm rocks while we were drying off was heaven.


Today sees up head on into Kakadu.

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