Mataranka Wonder Water


We have settled into Mataranka for a few days. We chose the Mataranka Homestead as is was close to the pools and we knew cruising down for a swim any time we felt like it would be just the ticket.


And boy, have we made use of that! We are all water logged and look like permanent prunes after basking in the warm 34° water for hours on end!

Noah is convinced it has mystical healing powers as his grazed knee is nearly better. It sadly has not grown the tooth back that I left in Alice last week. It has been so nice  to swim after what has seemed like endless desert from Orange to here.

Kaz has captured some fantastic colours and images as we have floated down Bitter Springs on our pool noodles.

We have also enjoyed the nearby bar and live music every night. Last night we saw Nathan “Whippy” Griggs crack it.


What a show! ACDC’s Thunder Struck was the sound track to him throwing whips around like it was part of the original recording. His impressive guns and mullet would not have looked out of place next to Brian Johnston either!


Noah has managed to catch up on some school projects with a couple of videos in the editors office atm.  Chloe is asking too many questions constantly. Kaz never seems to sit down long and I have managed to get the guitar out 2 days in a row. We have had daily visits from the local wildlife, mainly around dinner time as well.

Words can not describe how beautiful this part of the world is. Here are lots of photos to prove it…

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