Au revoir Alice!


We are outta here! Alice Springs, you are great to visit but 11 days is well enough.

It was fantastic customer service of Stoney Creek Campers to send us the bits we need. The staff at Big4 Macdonnell Range were also awesome. They did everything they could to help us out. We got to know all of them so well!


We did celebrate with an amazing Tapas dinner at Epilogue Lounge on Todd St Mall. This place is good coffee by day and a great bar/live music venue by night. As good as our night was we couldn’t wait to get back on the open road the next day.


So, a lazy 400 odd km run up to Devils Marbles was scheduled. Noah mentioned that he was looking forward to crossing into “the tropics”. We didn’t quite know what he was talking about but sure enough, just out of Alice we hit the Tropic of Capricorn. So out he was for some pics.

We found the world’s most expensive Golden North Giant Twin ice creams at Barrow Creek. These have recently become Noahs favorite and I can’t say no to them either.

Even more exciting than GNGT ice creams was the discovery of the Barrow Creek Telegraph Station. We all knew exactly what we were looking at as we had learned about the telegraph line back at Alice.

There were two guys working on restoring the front of the old building. They stuck their heads up wondering what was going on when this photo was being taken.


We got into the ‘Marbles campground a little bit late and were anxious we might have missed a spot. We knew this was a popular stopover and as expected it was pretty full.

We did mange to find a patch and entertain all the caravaners as we put up Myrtle in the gale-force wind. As soon as we finished, the sun was sinking spectacularly over the red rocks and would you believe it, the wind died down as well.

We scrambled up for a quick look and will definitely spend some more time up the top tomorrow morning.

9 thoughts on “Au revoir Alice!

  1. Great report from you 4. Enjoy the Top end. Last year we saw the war cemetery at Adelaide River (I think) and were most impressed and learned a lot. I remember my Mum told me that they were not informed about the extent of the bombing in Darwin. Keep enjoying the trip and thanks for sharing. love , Auntie Helen

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  2. Hi! It is just great to find Golden North Ice Cream in unexpected places. I was thrilled to come across them at a truck stop about a day’s ride north of Perth on our WA trip. It was the only place we found them on that trip and horrors, they did not have any Honey Twin Chocs! Like the photos and glad you are mobile again, hope it hasn’t messed up your plans too much.

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  3. Hey guys. Love reading your updates and seeing all the pics. Makes me even more excited about leaving on our adventure. Can’t wait to see all the same amazing places you’re going……19 days to go. Yahhh. And thanks for a few tips along the way.
    Love Miss Webb.

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