Hanging in Alice…

We are waiting for some parts to arrive via Ipswitch – Brisbane – Albury – Adelaide and (maybe) Darwin. So we have some time to spare.

It has been great getting out and about around Alice. We have done some maintenance on the car, trailer and my mouth… I can recommend Alice Dental Associates for all your extraction needs. That back tooth just had to go!

In the meantime we had a great time at the local reptile park. Chloë, the reptile keeper gave us a chance to hold a blue tongue lizard, a bearded dragon and a massive 20 year old python called Tom who weighed 9kgs!


On Mothers Day we went down to the Todd Mall Markets for a Sunday stroll and a coffee. It was a great vibe down there and the kids enjoyed looking at the interesting stalls.

Today saw us head out to Ormiston Gorge for some outdoor “physical activity” (as Chloe calls it). There was plenty of water but way too cold for a swim!

The view down to the waterhole
Noah being wind-blown
Chloe in a running race… with herself
There was a rock wallaby sun baking on the other side of the waterhole. He was watching us, watching him!

We also got along to The Ochre Pits for a look. Amazing colours in the river bank and great to read about the indigenous history of the area. This ochre was traded far and wide across Australia among tribes.



Hopefully our parts arrive tomorrow as we are keen to head north. It is freezing here!


3 thoughts on “Hanging in Alice…

  1. Photos are great. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. We miss you all but am so glad that you are having this experience.


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