Bonjour Palm Valley


We spent yesterday on a day trip to the West Macdonnell ranges – Palm Valley. It is about 130 kms west of Alice Springs and 22km down a great 4wd track from the town of Hermansberg.


What an amazing place! Photos can not do it justice, its a ‘mystery in an arid world’. The tall, red cabbage palms only grow here, their closest cousins grow 1000kms away in Qld. There a few theories as to why, maybe the traditional Aranda people brought seeds here or pelican poo. We didn’t see any pelicans!


It did become a bit of a long day as on our exit from the rough track we came across a rental car stuck in the sand. The lady there spoke better french than english but managed to say her daughter had left the car and started walking back up the long track to get help!

We had previously talked to another couple, who passed a moment later, so they were dispatched up the track to hopefully find her. Meanwhile Noah got to work recovering the car.

He has just blossomed on this trip and this was no problem for him. In no time had he got the tyre gauge out and started deflating the 38psi tyres down stating “these are way too high for sand!”. After a gentle attempt with no luck he was on the roof grabbing the TREDS ready for an easy extraction.

Fortunately her daughter had been picked up and we all met up back at the exit. ‘Never leave your car’ was quickly translated!


6 thoughts on “Bonjour Palm Valley

  1. Great work on the video, Noah, it gave me a reminder of our visit a long time ago. Before the story of the Pelican pooh was around. (We did not see any Pelicans there either.)

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