Uluru to Kings Canyon

We all enjoyed our time at the ‘rock. It was high on Noah’s “list” and he seemed to really connect with both it’s grandeur and indigenous spirituality.

Kaz and I reminisced about our previous trips there and enjoyed being educated on the culture of the area. Chloe just goes with the flow whatever happens each day anyway… even if it is a lazy 10km walk!

Collectively we all enjoyed two things, the Mala Walk and an astronomy tour we took one evening. Serena, our astro-guide (who has a Degree in Marine Biology!?) pointed out so much about what was spread out above us.

We all appreciated a beautiful night sky complete with “falling canoes” which is the local indigenous belief and the Story of the Seven Sisters.

We also viewed the formation of new stars in a nebulous of the Orion constellation through the powerful telescope. Amazing!!

So we have set off north towards Kings Canyon today. We are really looking forward to seeing more of the West Macdonnell Ranges.

We have set up for a quick overnighter at the Kings Canyon Resort and were not surprised to see Narelle and John who we have run into multiple times since Coober Pedy.

We soaked up a sunset beverage on the viewing deck with our new friends. They are are now turning back towards home.

We had a great evening and are looking forward to a walk around the canyon tomorrow morning.

2 thoughts on “Uluru to Kings Canyon

  1. Super jealous. Missed out on kings canyon when we went! Def on the to do list. If you where a good mate you wouldve invited me….😂

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