Uluru again 

Finally I have took that picture of the rock here you go.

Now I got that over and done with I can tell you what I have been doing today so today I climbed the rock, here is a photo of what it’s like 1/4 the way up.

And that’s only 1/4 of the rock high – I didn’t get any further up the rock because there was about 5 meters of 70° angle climb without the chain. There was nothing to grip on to I tried to get up I got about 4 metres up and gave up. Well I guess I will never get a second try 😭😭. Anyway the 10km walk around the rock took up nearly all the day. That’s all today see you later.

3 thoughts on “Uluru again 

  1. Kon inchi-wa Noah! Lovely pictures of the the Rock. Are people still allowed to climb Ayres Rock? I think it would be a bit dangerous. 😳. Looking forward to your next post. xxx


  2. Well done Noah. I love your posts. I don’t think people understand how steep it is until they see it in real life. The walk around the rock is awesome too. Did you have a favourite Dreamtime story?


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