Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Hello. I remember yesterday I said I’ll take some photos and put them on the blog. Sorry, no photos today it was too cloudy – we didn’t do much today, but we visited Uluru and Kata Tjuta if you don’t know what Kata Tjuta is look it up on google.

We did a Mala walk at the bottom of Uluru with the ranger and learnt all about the Anangu Indigenous people. There was a cave called the kitchen were they ground up seeds to make flour. Not much else – its forecast to be sunny and we are walking along the bottom of Uluru.

Ranger Steve in the kitchen cave.

In the cave.

Mala Walk guide Steve teaching us how bread was made
Chloe touching the smooth “bread board”

3 thoughts on “Uluru and Kata Tjuta

  1. Great stuff Noah! You will be learning so many interesting things about indigenous peoples. Lovely to see you all this evening on our call. Love to you all. G’ma & G’pa. 😘😘😘😘


  2. Kata Tjuta is also known as The Olgas, Noah. Did you get to taste the red berries that grow at the bottom of Uluru?
    Liam enjoyed the chair made out of a tree at the base of Uluru as does everyone I believe as almost every one who posts a pic on Google of Uluru they are sitting in the same chair!
    Liam and Evvie also enjoyed making boats out of leaves and twigs and had a sailing competition with some other kids in the fountain in Yulara town square!


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