Coober Pedy

Yesterday we stopped in Coober Pedy it is very hot at around 1:00 – 3:00 it is soooo nice and cool underground. Coober Pedy is not quite like you would expect. It isn’t an underground metropolis, all the shops are above ground and there are a million opal shops and they’re pretty expensive. I saw ear rings for $5,500. There are also lots of mine tours and the big wrench ( not the fix machines wrench a mining tool wrench.) Today we just took a look around town.

Coober Pedy sunset

9 thoughts on “Coober Pedy

  1. Great post Noah. Too bad about the cost of earrings! I wonder what you will see tomorrow. Enjoy. Love from Auntie Helen.


      1. Dan, Guess what I found hidden in the toolkit when we were on the side of the dirt road (minus a wheel and hub)?


  2. Yes we are enjoying the big open spaces and we didn’t take a look at the moon plain and I absolutely have no idea why I was looking at earrings


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