Arkaroola SA

We were really looking forward to staying at Arkaroola in the Northern Flinders Ranges. Mainly because we were planning to spend a few days catching our breath and relaxing.

The check-in was like going into a time warp and we laughed that the car was now a Tardis (Noah is watching lots of Dr. Who). The place certainly makes the most out of its isolation and charges accordingly!

Once we selected a shady spot by the dry river bed. Noah got stuck into engineering the fire place.

We had a great night around Noahs fire. Especially after the Tardis accidently backed into a dead tree and may have (accidently) knocked it over…. so we cut it up and burnt it.

The next day we lazed about a bit. Did some washing and recharged the batteries.

Noah, Chloe and I went for what was supposed to be a walk but we never found the car park and kept driving. The track ran out at a spectacular lookout after a very steep low-range climb (probably the bit you are supposed to walk!)

We don’t really know what the massive space helmet looking things are… maybe they are Tardis’! The steep trail up to them was great 4wding never the less.

We are packing up tomorrow and looking forward to heading up the Oodnadatta.

3 thoughts on “Arkaroola SA

  1. Ha! The lovely fashion statement that is the fly net! The relief they provide far outweighs the ‘care factor’ of how they look, eh?


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