Broken Hill and Beyond

It is now Anzac Day and day 3 of our epic adventure.

We made it into Broken Hill late yesterday afternoon after tackling some dirt from Hillston – Ivanhoe – Menindee.

The road was in very average condition and we were pretty shaken and frazzled by the end of the drive. Pulling into our overnight stop at the B’Hill showgrounds was heaven on the nice level green grass.

We quickly got ourselves sorted and headed out to meet our good friends Katrina, Doug and Tilly for dinner. Even with the half hour we gained we were still pretty late!

It was great to meet “Chika” who the Watsons worked with many years ago. He is the subject of many strange stories about their time together so we felt like we know him well!

The morning saw us awake with a lovely sprinkling of rain on the canvas. The galloping of a horse and buggy around the track was a different sound to us and Chloe got very excited describing it to us.

We are now heading over the border to the land of “Stobie” poles, Golden North icecream and no fruit-flies. We are planning shorter drives on our way to the Northern Flinders Ranges and Arkaroola.

5 thoughts on “Broken Hill and Beyond

  1. Lovely birthday party in Bowral yesterday. All are good there. Mmmmm honey icecream, heavenly. 😁. Love you. G’ma. xx


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