the heat is on…

So, we are 6 days out from our departure date.

I finished work this morning. The kids are on school holidays now and Kaz has some loose ends to tie up at her work.

The only problem is, the car is MIA. It’s having a couple days last-minute love at the mechanics. The trailer also is conspicuous in it’s absence. It is getting a pre trip power-boost at a mates place.

We are having a bit of a laugh that neither the car or trailer is in the driveway ready to pack! Panic you say??… maybe a little.

Things must be serious if the Trax are fitted


We had a bit of a delay on the new solar panel as the first one arrived shattered from Melbourne. The company however were fantastic to deal with and got another one out to us with no problems.

Anyway the install commenced today. The Dougie and Matt brains trust combined for this one to form a super-cerebellum of possibilities, problem solving and pondering… I served beers, tried to entertain the kids and ran gopher to Bunnings a few times.

Solar panel install

The boys came up with a hinge system so we can point the power maker towards to sun when the rack is deployed
Latch to stow when driving

There is a little bit to go until it is completed but Kaz and I are so thankful for Matt and Dougs precious time spent on this. The boys were of course compensated with the beer economy, but we drank half of Dougie’s case!

The next post will no doubt be from the road and we can’t wait to get going!

5 thoughts on “the heat is on…

  1. Hey Smiths,
    So excited for you guys. Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye at school. Have a blast and enjoy every minute of what we’re about to see….. we will be hot on your heels (53 days and counting).
    Tanya 🏕


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