Easter Camping 2018

This is our final run before we leave on our big trip in only 23 days. We decided we would “pack everything” so we could see how it all fits… actually that is “if it all fits”!


We headed for The Big River camp site in the Goulburn River NP. It was pretty busy there as you would expect on the Easter long weekend. We met Greg the ranger who had a cuppa and a chat about the park. He is obviously passionate about the area and it was great talking to him about the local history.


We got the hot water system up and running (well actually it was probably more my mate Matt!) It did need a bit of tweeking with the fittings and hoses. Kaz reminded me many times that the whole purpose of the trip was to trial all this new gear but I was a bit frustrated with some if it.

We did eventually enjoy nice warm showers thanks to some trouble-shooting and lateral thinking. I am sure once it is sorted it will be a quick and easy setup on the road.

We have had a great time with our friends Matt & Katie and Matt & Lauren. The kids ran riot, were up very early, noisy all day and made all the parents reach for these very early…

Easter eggs were the highlight for the kids.

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