1 month to go…

Oh man! Time is flying! We are 4 weeks out from departure and it feels like an endless list of small “niggling” little jobs to complete.

Kaz and I drove to the new Stoney Creek Campers showroom at Newcastle and got a boat rack fitted. It was part of the deal with the sale but needed fitting. 14 hours in the car made us wonder if 5 months is optimistic! (we didn’t even take the kids!).

I have also been tossing up solar options for our power and today have bought a 200w panel to put on the trailer. My plan is to mount the solar panel on that so that it can harvest while we are on the move. I have another 160w portable panel for when we are camped. By my calculations a total of 360w will be enough for our needs… we will see!

Noah is tasked with giving his school class a rundown on the solar setup when we get on the road. They are doing a semester on sustainable energy so it will fit in nicely! I think it will be a video presentation so will post it up on here too.

New boat rack

Thanks for all the emails to be added to the blog. We will do our best to post regularly!


2 thoughts on “1 month to go…

  1. How exciting! I like the idea of Noah’s project with the solar. We are leaving in 3 weeks for our across the desert trip and Sara is already complaining about the long drive! Your set looks great.

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    1. Yes, I have never really had any idea on solar but am learning a lot! I actually can’t understand why we all aren’t using it all the time!?

      I will have to check the itinerary again and see where we will cross paths 😊


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