Introducing Myrtle


It was hard deciding which camper to buy… hard-floor, soft-floor, rear fold, forward fold, pop-up the possibilities are endless!

In our end we decided a Stoney Creek Walk Through (SC-WT) model was the go. Plenty of storage, room for two (or more) kids. Built in drawers for clothes. Nicely laid out kitchen and fridge slide and the clincher for us was not having to climb over each other to get into the king sized bed. 

We haven’t been disappointed in the 3 months since delivery.  It certainly looks well built and hopefully is up the rigours of a big trip like we have planned. Time will tell! 

We have of course wasted no time adding, moving modifying!



First up was a fridge. ARB 60L just fits in! It was an odd size to buy for but we are very happy with it.

  Then we added a Redarc 1225D BCDC charger. I won this in an online competition!


We have also added a charcoal filter to our kitchen water to help get rid of that “tank water” taste.


A few small “modifications” were made to a stabiliser leg while I was getting used to the off road abilities of Myrtle… 


And we have now added a pole holder to the front thanks to my mate Dougie     🙂


So as you can see we have been busy! In between small mods we have been out in it testing and refining our packing and “essentials” list.    



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